The Next Wave: Understanding the NEW Gold Rush

The first wave of the great precious metals bull market of the twenty-first century took gold from $ 252 an ounce to a stunning $ 1862 and silver from $ 3.56 to $ 48.58. With more than a 700% increase in gold and an eye-watering 1300% increase in silver followed by step shakeouts in both, many thought the precious metals bull was dead. With the yellow metal having built a base in the $ 1700s and silver in the high $ 20s to low $ 30s for the last year , John Truman Wolfe presents the compelling case for the Second Wave of the great precious metals bull market. Using both historical data and the present day machinations of "Benny and the Feds," the case for a new chart busting advance in gold and silver is not only persuasive, but from Wolfe's perspective down right undeniable.

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