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  1. No one else needs to tell me what the Washington tag is, its been

  2. Clearly the 3 idiots who have put thumbs down don’t think its a cool video,
    well ok I wont do another about coins, pretty simple really

  3. The Kew gardens 50p?
    Jesus wept – last year I got one in change from the Post Office so I gave
    it to my son for his collection, then went on to get one in change a few
    more times over the next fortnight from same Post Office but I just spent
    them as we already had on in collection and I’m not one for collecting
    swaps of modern coins, lol
    Big mistake.
    Why the thumbs down?
    C’mon people this is the sort of info which is useful to know.

  4. I only did this video as an extra for people and that’s the thanks I get,
    if you don’t like coins or modern coins don’t watch

  5. Cool video Dave. I’m a coin nut so I really appreciate this video. That’s
    an incredible find you made. My best coin find in circulation here in the
    US was a rare wheat penny worth about $14. I’ve pulled quite a few silvers
    during the days when I used to work as a cashier. I really like the new
    coins from your neck of the woods. I haven’t liked the US coins produced
    since the 1970’s. But before that they were very cool. 

  6. Is there any silver content? Keep ahold of that one. It’s something to pass
    down. Great video Dave. HH.

  7. Thanks Dave, nice video and great advice. My school was doing this when the
    state coins came out in the states, We had coin exchanges going on during
    breaks and lunch. I still have a mess of the things.

  8. nice video dave.that was a stroke of luck to get that 50p in the shop.would
    you believe i only found my first 50p duering the week.i was over the moon
    with it..great video mate :-)

  9. Hi Dave, Nice video, i cant wait to get to the shops to get some 50p coins!
    to be honest i have looked at some 50ps in the past and thought
    interesting design….but thought no more about it!…love the tag! cheers,
    g.:) ps dont let the “thumbdowners” get you down! ive gave you a well
    deserved thumbs up! :)

  10. That’s a really good video and I like the way you encourage others,
    especially kids to take up the hobby. Well done. Takes me back to my
    childhood in the fifties, my grandfather gave me some stamps which started
    me on the philatelic path. I stopped about twenty years ago however I have
    thousands of stamps from around the world some from countries that no
    longer exist under the same name. I must pull them out and have another
    look. Sorry to blurb on so much, I just got enthused by your video. Cheers
    for that and HH.

  11. Good knowledge Dave, been going through all of my Penny jars!
    Why has there been 4 dislikes? Some people are tards. You should remind
    them that being in remote fields with a spade for a hobby can facilitate
    burying as well as digging up!

  12. Very cool video Dave, I’ll take one of each LOL! Wanna do some trading?
    Wink:)I love all my shield back coins.Take Care!

  13. Dont mind them m8, its a great video about the coins, hell even i want the
    one with the cross on it, love that one, and i dont even live in Uk, or GB
    or England :)

  14. Great collectible coins Dave. I’m sure I’ll never see one here but then
    again, one never knows. Looking forward with great expectations on your
    future hunts….HH from still frozen Iowa!

  15. I love video and i love coins 🙂 great video!!Dont bother with people who
    gave thumbs down they are not worth your energy

  16. Ive never seen on of those kew gardens 50p’s… but I can see that pagoda
    (thats on the coin) from my house!
    Ill be checking my change from now on.. lol

  17. dont let the idiots get to you you are making some very good videos with a
    lot of history a bout Scotland well worth a watch keep them coming 

  18. great coins dave, the whitehouse key fob is just a joke type keyring you
    can buy them in blackpool for about three quid each. theres lots to choose
    from, buck palace etc etc. what two 50p`s are you missing ? can you
    remember the 20p`s with no date on, about three years ago. i have one, ,
    seen them go for a grand on ebay but mine is not for sale, keep the videos
    coming dont let the thumbdowners get to you,,best wishes

  19. Your video made me take a look at my change, found a couple of Olympic 50p
    coins, then went onto The Royal Mint website and registered 🙂 an old
    interest re-kindled…Thank You, please don’t be put off by the few, be
    positive, you have inspired many today with your video :)

  20. i bet you made 675 people check their change, me included.lol. nice vid
    Dave. the olympic swimmer coin is one to watch as well ,not the one you
    have but the one before it, worth a hefty price. ;-)

  21. The coins are wonderful! Im sure that is a key chain tag. Probably a
    novelty item from when people tour the Whit House.

  22. Think my missis has some of those 50p,s. I’ve been putting a collection of
    old one penny’s together for my boy. Got over 300 of them.

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