The Ultimate Guide: Silver Stacking For Preppers (Should You?)

What is the best type of silver for preppers? A lot of people wonder what they should be buying with a defensive or collapse-ready mentality. I try to provide balanced perspective on this channel, and think that a small amount of silver may be helpful for overall preparedness, though there certainly are situations where the silver (or gold – think about gold for prepping) is not helpful whatsoever. Let's think through it, what denominations would be best, and I'd be curious to hear your overall thoughts.

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10 Comments on “The Ultimate Guide: Silver Stacking For Preppers (Should You?)”

  1. Silver and gold has it’s place in every prepper’s stash. You can’t eat or drink it. You can’t defend yourself with it like “other items” but it’s just another tool to have in your stash. If a person has what you need in a barter situation, but they don’t want silver or gold, it’s worthless in that scenario.

  2. Silver 1 Troy ounce @ $21.00 the time to buy is NOW (no, national organization for women). Canadian Maple Leaf special prices. Monument Metals, JM bullion or SD bullion metals. Always make it currency, no blanks, rounds, ingots, bars strips, certificates or IRA’s. In end, it will be MUCH easier to barter trade, Own physical p. metals in currency, no platinum, palladium, rodium, Bitcoin all WILL be worthless. In end it will be viable for 2 months into the collapse, that is AU or AG; once collapse happens, you will have a coin worth not 21.00., but between $560.00 – $600.00 a days wage based on silver Denarius in Jesus’ day, a days earnings.

  3. Great stuff!! Most preppers would greatly benefit from a dose of reality, a plateful of reason and a shot of adherence to the values expressed in that book so many of them claim to read all the time. If global calamity occurs, a solar powered metals verifier will be as useless as a fake, generic, silver round is now. Well, actually, more useless. Skills are the only thing a prepper needs and a YouTube channel choked up with anger, cynicism and half-truths isn’t included with that. I don’t foresee a global meltdown but should it happen, I wish I could be there to see the preppers put their plan to action. Thanks!!

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