The Worst Type Of Coin Product: Third Party Plastic Repacked Sets (WARNING)

Here is probably the worst coin item to buy short of fake coins. Well, maybe in some cases some graded bullion might compete, but I'll leave that for another video. These sets have basically taken coins that are worth either face value or their silver melt value, put some sort of collectibility description or certificate on the plastic surrounding it, and become massively marked-up to sell to unknowing non-coin collectors that pay far over their value. They might be good in the sense that they get people into coin collecting, but beyond that, make sure that you are never buying the plastic (non-PCGS or maybe NGC grade related plastic) that surrounds coins, but instead what's inside.


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22 Comments on “The Worst Type Of Coin Product: Third Party Plastic Repacked Sets (WARNING)”

  1. Hello sir I have liberty USA
    1966 quarter dollar
    Real dollar
    Where to sell
    Please sir say me
    I’m from India 😊 👍

  2. These are great to give to a youngster to get them interested in collecting – if you can get them cheap at a garage sale or flea market. 👍

  3. Hey Christian, in your professional opinion should I go ahead and crack them open and enjoy them. I got some from garage sales, grab bags and “inherited” from family who just found them.

    1. I think however you would enjoy them best – you won’t be hurting their value by taking them out (except for some very niche instances)

  4. There okay to buy as long as you understand what it is and the value. I actually bought one about Kennedy. It had a half dollar in it plus the state quarter were he was born. The quarter was just an unciculated business strike quarter worth face value. The half dollar however was 40% silver and I paid under melt for the set. Surprised they didn’t use a clad half and if they had I would not gave purchased it. Anyways, I used the quarter to upgrade one of my kids state quarter set and added the half to my other silver coins.

  5. I just posted a video about these on my channel. I get these from my local coin shop for very cheap. I think they’re fun but definitely not something to pay a premium for.

  6. I cringe everytime I hear the deceiving and over exaggerative language used by the companies that sell this stuff

  7. great if you know what you are buying. I have a cool one of ww2 pennies. it is not even in a hard plastic case. It is soft plastic and cardboard. it has some cleaned WW2 wheaties but it is still cool and the case itself is old, looks 60s-80s. only cost me like a dollar

  8. Some Coin shops don’t want them. Not worth it to them and then they have to give the person the bad news about what they bought. They got screwed. The best thing to get if you hunt Lincoln Cent is the 1982 Lincoln Cent 7 Variety Set. Good reference tool.

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