Thrift, antique picking haul, some really old coins – english picker 92.

These are my pick up finds for first week of march 2012. Some nice bits of scrap gold and silver aswell as some jewellery. Mostly LOADS of coins including so…

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17 Comments on “Thrift, antique picking haul, some really old coins – english picker 92.”

  1. Hey did you find out what that coin was made out in the end? Btw nice 1780
    Maria Theresa Silver Thaler coin, I saw one in my local coin shop for £15,
    Maybe I can get it for £10. Btw they are 83.33% silver.

  2. quite a few good bargains there,well done, i have had a few myself,a
    masonic medal 20 quid sold for 80 if i remember rightly…and other masonic
    items….enjoyed the vid….

  3. @domasd97 Good luck. You never know. I bet you can wait for the car boot
    season to start again, I know I can’t wait.!

  4. do you take scales with you to weigh jewelery/chains etc…do the vendors
    know that they have precious metals?do they mind you weighing stuff? just
    found your channel..excellent

  5. Fantastic finds on the neglected silver, the watch, and the enormous lot of
    great coins! I know the “Diez Centimos” will be Spanish, not French.

  6. That 2 pesos is strange, because they are gold coins. They were used as
    common small bullion coins before modern bullion such as Krugers came on
    the scene. It looks too good to be a fake, might just be worth your while
    hacking it in half to see. I know nothing about the plating process, but
    white gold maybe?

  7. @madbob73 I think I’m going to test it with the gold/silver acids to see.
    But it really looks like silver, strange….

  8. Cool gratz, I got the Maria Theresa Silver Thaler coin yesterday for £12,
    managed to push him down a bit lol. I tested its weight, size etc and its
    real. Got a bargin 😀

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