Top 10 Dime Errors Over $1,000 – Valuable & Crazy Mint Error Dimes Worth Money

Let's go over some extremely valuable mint error dimes that have sold for over $1,000. This wasn't by value – instead, I picked coins that were above a certain threshold and just stood out for their unique aspects and interesting stories, and here they are. Many of these videos I try to encourage people that they might have some findable coins, but this is less of that situation, and instead a time to check out and look at some of the neatest mishaps to ever make their way out of the mint!


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13 Comments on “Top 10 Dime Errors Over $1,000 – Valuable & Crazy Mint Error Dimes Worth Money”

  1. It is difficult to understand how some of these “errors” make it out of the mint unless they are created deliberately.

    1. These machines run so fast, cant see them purposely getting it to create a error coin. Now you can have the dies mixed up either on purpose or by accident. First coin he showed looked first dime never got ejected and the feeder kept feeding more dimes and kept mashing them together. The dies had to be ruined after that.

    2. @daver8521 I think that was a machine error not on purpose but yes a employee could have seen it and took it.

  2. Hello Cristian I have a 1983 Roosevelt dime that I believe is a newly discovered mint error it has a eagle head cross his cheek and a child like face or possibly a cherub a 25 behind his ear I would love to send you some pictures of the dime to get someone that has more knowledge of errors and all around more knowledge of coins since I am fairly new and you from all the other people on here you truly want people to learn the love and art of coin collecting

  3. Wow 1990’s seem to have a lot of similar dime and nickel errors at the philly mint. Amazing how our federal employees have so much spare time to design nearly impossible coin errors and to help relocate them to supplement their retirement funds.

  4. I know this video was only about dimes but I’m at my wits end here. I have a 1977 penny that is lighter in weight than a normal copper cent. I got it going through a box of pennies about a couple of years ago. It’s white and it appears to be struck on an aluminum planchet. I took it to 2 different coin shops in my area and neither one of them wanted to deal with it. The 2nd coin dealer weighed it up for me and did confirm it was underweight but as far as wanting to help me out, forget it!
    Can you help me out if I send it to you sometime? I can give you my email and more details if you PM me and we can go from there if you like. I’m really trying to find out just what I have here.

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