Top 10 Dollar Errors Over $1,000 – Valuable & Crazy Mint Error Dollars Worth Money

Let's go over some extremely valuable mint error dollars that have sold for over $1,000. This wasn't by value – instead, I picked coins that were above a certain threshold and just stood out for their unique aspects and interesting stories, and here they are. Many of these videos I try to encourage people that they might have some findable coins, but this is less of that situation, and instead a time to check out and look at some of the neatest mishaps to ever make their way out of the mint!


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9 Comments on “Top 10 Dollar Errors Over $1,000 – Valuable & Crazy Mint Error Dollars Worth Money”

  1. Many of these so-called “errors” are so bizarre that I think they must have been created by mint employees on purpose.

    1. Yes, I mean I would do the same thing, to see if I would ever be able to find one of them. This doesn’t just all line up and make it out of the mint lol

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