Top 10 Most Practical Government Silver Rounds For Silver Stackers

The American Silver Eagle isn’t the only government bullion round, and I’m not guaranteeing that it is the most practical, either! From British Britannias to Chinese Pandas to Australian Kangaroos, there is a lot out there to choose from, and this video will be ranking them on an aggregate basis that includes everything about them, from premiums to recognizability to efficiency. The factor that is less weighted will be art, though there may be some bonus points for art!


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6 Comments on “Top 10 Most Practical Government Silver Rounds For Silver Stackers”

  1. I just got my package from SD. I bought silver krugerrands, kangaroos, maple leaves, Philharmonics and Britannias. The Libertads and pandas were super expensive. Just need to stock up just in case. Just like the bottled water, ammo and SPAM. Hey you never know.

    1. I hear you on the Libertads – when they’re available at a good price I will buy as many as I have spare cash for. But lately the online prices are just too dear. I have a feeling that later this year we’ll continue to see premiums drop, as the Silver Squeeze/WSS thing is over. It’s back to a buyer’s market!

  2. I try to buy a few of all the UK Royal Mint 1 ozt Silvers. Usually they’ll be introduced at a low premium and quickly go up. The Britannia replaced Gold and Silver Eagles as my go-to coins. Their holographic security feature makes counterfeiting all but impossible. The fact that they’re able to get that on a 1/25th coin is what sets them apart. The US Mint came up with a missing reed – so disappointing. I agree with your choices, although I go with the Britannia right now. When Eagles land back on planet Earth – I’ll stock up – and it’s looking like that’ll happen later this year.

  3. I’ve a few tubes of random ones like kangaroos, kookabaras, phils etc but mostly I’ve stacked britannias. Here in the UK it makes the most sense but I do really like the 2021 design compared to what else is around and considering the price is good on those along with the security features. The only downside is some loose quality control perhaps by the royal mint.

  4. In the UK the Britannias are way cheaper and way easier to get than Eagles outside of coin fairs. They are also exempt from capital gains tax in the UK.

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