Top 15 Doubled Die Mercury Dime Varieties – Photos & Values – Full PCGS / NGC DDOs List

These are the Top 15 mintmark variety Mercury Dimes that you should be searching for – they are the complete set of varieties attributed by PCGS and NGC, the two major third-party grading companies. They could be repunched mintmarks, inverted mintmarks, or alternate style mintmarks. These coins will all be worth more money than their regular, non-variety counterparts, and are fun to search for and collect. Variety coins are a great aspect of coin collecting that I believe represents one of the last frontiers of treasure hunting within the hobby, and this guide should help you be more fully prepared to do so within the Mercury Dime series.


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3 Comments on “Top 15 Doubled Die Mercury Dime Varieties – Photos & Values – Full PCGS / NGC DDOs List”

  1. Hey Christian. Great vid!! Found my first DDO last night while coin roll hunting. It was a 1971 D half dollar. Very fun

  2. Hey Christian… I’ve been sitting back, checking what you’ve been putting out, and I gotta say, even with a slow learner such as myself, you’ve been a great help. I was wondering though, I’ve had this Bicentennial Quarter for 20 years that has an image of a 1/4 in. circle between the N & I of UNITED on the reverse of the coin. There’s more to it but I won’t go into that now. I was wondering if you knew of a site that shows these types of errors.

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