Top 25 Most VALUABLE Canadian Coins Worth “BIG MONEY”

In this video I am going to go through and break down my top 25 Valuable Canadian Coins of all time and explain how to Identify them and their potential Value Depending on their Grade and condition!

There are so many options when it comes to Coin Catalogues and Information on the Internet it can be Difficult to determine the True Value of Some Canadian Coins and Even Harder to be Able to Find and Detect the Ones that are truly the Gems in the Rough

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26 Comments on “Top 25 Most VALUABLE Canadian Coins Worth “BIG MONEY””

  1. Thank you for your time and effort into creating this list. I live in NC but I have a boxful of Canadian coins. I probably don’t have anything valuable, but it will be fun to search my collection for any of these on the list. 🤗

  2. The sad thing is is that i had some of these coins when i was a kid and didn’t know any better. No idea where they are now.

  3. Thank you so much for your efforts. Please write the features of the piece and the type of metal with the price on the screen so that we can take a picture of the screen and keep it for you.

  4. Hola amigo felicidades por tan bonita y conservada moneda gracias por compartir un abrazo 👏👏👌👌😊☘️👍

  5. Well if it’s a Penny, It’s worth some Kale, as the Canadian Penny has been discontinued a Decade ago.

  6. I found a 1875 clipped canada quarter in super nice condition metal detecting back yard!

  7. I have a 1964 that does not have the small water mark on the left side. Mine only show’s 2 line. Then the angled shape of the wave. Also missing is the 2 above the beaver tail line. I have two of the 1964’s one that does not connect to the kg.

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