Trading a Bike for Gold Coin at a Pawn Shop! #shorts #gold #trading

This is part of my series Trading a Penny to a Tesla. I got an electric bike to trade! So far I have been trading over a year and there are over 48 episodes which I "reset" 4 different times back to a penny. I have traded PS5 PlayStation 5, iPhone 13, Air Jordan, Off White, coins, jewelry, sneakers, guitars and even a rare Pokemon Charizard! This is a trade up challenge which started from the original idea of the paperclip challenge and the trading a paperclip for a house. See my other trade up series links below. Let me know in the comments how I did?

For Business Inquiries:
Fan Mail: Connor TV, P.O. Box 510095, Livonia, MI 48151

Full Trading a Penny to Air Jordan 4 at Sneaker Con:

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Connor's Sizes:
Shoes- 8
Shirt- Medium

53 Comments on “Trading a Bike for Gold Coin at a Pawn Shop! #shorts #gold #trading”

  1. The most honest and considerate pawn shop in the entire world. I was waiting for him to tell the dude best I can do is $40. 😂🤣

    1. that’s a $50 coin lol and a couple hundred bucks for the shoes… that ebike is worth like $2500

    1. This is literally an ad for him and the pawnshop. Whatever hit he takes for the trade is made up for by good press and exposure on social media 🤦‍♂️

    2. @Brass Tax yeah man the world is doomed. I feel like less than 1% of people realize this bullshit. Common sense is a hell of a thing, glad we got it

    3. ​@MrFuzziiWuzzii That’s what I’ve been trying to tell these ppl. Zach saw that camera and understood the assignment.

    1. Nd you never will its peobably his brother hos cousin or he just knew he would draw other customers who he could ripp off then😊

    2. ​@r i c eyeah a pawn making an offer like that just doesn’t exist, they have to make profit somehow

    3. Then he sold the bike for 3k because it was a special model that he already had somebody looking for it 😅

  2. Zach is the legend! What a standup guy, I’ve always gotten mostly attitude when at the pawn shop.

  3. Man you get some good interactions, people legit wanna help out your videos and that’s cool as hell

  4. Zach is a legend and a very generous person and shows that there is still good in the world

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