Unboxing $657 Of Rare World Silver Coins I Bought In A European Auction – Coin Collecting

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I bought this collection of rarer world silver coins for several hundred dollars from a European auction house, and am super excited to check out what's inside with all of you. We ended up coming away with some great finds, including many coins I had no idea were in there – almost all of the coins inside have some considerable numismatic value and premium beyond what I paid, which I'm really excited about! I probably overpaid, but they were still cool to search through.


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37 Comments on “Unboxing $657 Of Rare World Silver Coins I Bought In A European Auction – Coin Collecting”

  1. Foreign is Sooooo under rated got into it a year ago much more excitement with foreign designs, did i mention the low mintages.! I noticed your one of only a few established channels that pay attention to foreign. Thanks, good eye!

    1. I was at LCS today in EU and spotted 10 Cash from 1909 in 50 cent bin. Would completely miss it of not for Christian’s world grab bags

  2. Im swiss and i usually avoid small european junk silver coins. Normally they are quite expensive for the value/silver in it. Only swiss 1/2 Franken in 835 silver i buy regulary.

  3. The last coin was in 500 Silver. 25 cents Netherland ex 1928 etc. it’s in 720 silver. The 50 centimes 1899 from France is in 835 silver and has the same weight and amount of silver as a swiss 1/2 Franken in 835 silver.

  4. The 1850 coin with Willem III is from the Netherlands, he was the father of Queen Wilhelmina. The Danish kings alter between Christian and Frederic.

  5. Bro when I heard you start dropping the plug on whatnot 😎 Good for You man. I’m super proud and even more happy to see the results and benefits and pay off of all your hard work and commitment and dedication what’s created consistency thrilled to be on this journey with you to see what this channel goes
    ☄️ everybody watch out for this shooting star right here he’s going places

    1. ​@Treasure Town
      I feel silly because I was a typo error on my part I meant to say whatnot but voice type picked up WhatsApp

    2. @DR_SOLO All good! There has been an issue with commenting accounts impersonating me.. the Whatnot is fun to do to connect with viewers! I need to do live streams to YT too!

    3. @Treasure Town
      Yeah I get some messages sometimes saying thanks for commenting contact me directly at something something Instagram I always no better for some reason not to contact them

  6. I love cuban crowns I have been chasing ABC dollar coins some very very rare check them out. My grandmother is from there so I have a connection to the county to bad the coins are so hard to aquire.

  7. I just started watching your videos. How do you store your coins? I have some in flips and in album and some in tubes. I’ve heard the flips aren’t safe so has me concerned. Any suggestions?

  8. Some of those KGV Australian coins can carry a huge cat value, as well as some of the Dutch 10 and 25 cent coins. You have a great looking lot although the only coins in that group I collect are the Canadian 5 cent silvers. I didn’t catch the dates on a lot of those Canadians which were in the video.

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