UNBOXING A $1,000 RARE WORLD COIN GROUP LOT – World Coin & Medal Hunt

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I unboxed about $1,000 of coins that I purchased from an auction company and thought I got a pretty good deal on! Let me know how you think I did – it was a mix of silver coins, crown size coins, PCGS & NGC graded world coins and world medals, and some older Italian material. It definitely was a sweet mix, but it remains to be seen how I end up doing on it!

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8 Comments on “UNBOXING A $1,000 RARE WORLD COIN GROUP LOT – World Coin & Medal Hunt”

  1. Great assortment of world coins. 3:32 is an early German WWI medal from a huge series, which commemorates the battle of Tannenberg/ East Prussia where the Russian Army was completely defeated by Field Marshal von Hindenburg. Mr. Zetzmann is the author of a special catalogue on German WWI silver medals where this item is also listed. Greets from GER, U.

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