Unboxing An Islamic Dynasties Rare Coin Grab Bag – Incredible Middle Eastern Coin Treasures

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I purchased this widely varying group of coins from different Islamic and Arabic countries, emirates, imamates, and dynasties, and had a really fun (and interesting) time unboxing them. So many little pieces of information I learned along the way, and wanted to pass along some of that history to my viewers… it's the first step in a long journey of discovering how civilizations in the modern day Middle East formed, changed, and came to be today.

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4 Comments on “Unboxing An Islamic Dynasties Rare Coin Grab Bag – Incredible Middle Eastern Coin Treasures”

  1. Those coins will be hard to get information on (I think), but your efforts will be greatly appreciated by others. Middle East coins are very interesting, and a little info on them would make them all the more appealing.

  2. I can see you buying them for your own collection if that’s what floats your boat but selling them will be a challenge with such a small collector’s market.

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