“Unsearched” Wheat Penny Rolls Bought Online

Are online "unsearched" wheat penny rolls a good bargain? In this video I will test a seller with a pretty good rating on a total of 12 wheat penny rolls that I purchased online. Let's see what kind of mix I get on the years, the condition of the coins and if it was a good deal or not.
Let me know what you think about online rolls and if you have ever had success or felt like you'd been ripped off…

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video!

I hope you enjoy the video. I plan on posting new ones weekly so please subscribe if you wish to see more.

Check out this wheat penny score!

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30 Comments on ““Unsearched” Wheat Penny Rolls Bought Online”

  1. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I LOVED hunting those rolls! Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you want to see my weekly CRH’s and other videos (metal detecting to come out soon!)

  2. Every roll is searched or seeded, 100% of them sold are. Yes you will still get good stuff because the sellers can afford to do that occasionally.

  3. I’d give the seller fair marks, they may or may not have known about the possibility of “truly searched” coins. Now they’ve been truly searched for sure. Excellent and informative video. Thank You ~

  4. Estate sales are the best. Found a roll of “Wheaties” that was just full of Indian heads instead.

    1. You are wrong. If it was an honest and real “estate sale” then yes, it’s good because you could win something like in a lottery. But most of them now are borderline scams since they use the “estate sale” term as a tag to attract attention of buyers who think that it’s an honest estate sale. An honest and real estate sale is basically where you actually buy a bunch of stuff and can get occasional very valuable thing. But if they filtered it all for every potentially valuable coin then it’s not very honest because you already get left over which aren’t worth the time for the seller.

  5. Great video. Thanks. Treasure town sent me. I’ve purchased some “unsearched” rolls on eBay too. Your luck was a little better than mine. Thanks again

  6. i bought a unsearched roll on ebay last week and found a 1909 vdb and other semi rare coins. definitely worth what i paid for it. but i have bought others that were definitely searched. from my experience buy from people that show both ends… you usually can tell rolls that have been opened by how tight the ends are.

  7. I always take “unsearched” as they haven’t been searched for varieties and such…I could never believe someone would sell potentially valuable cents in lots unsearched…I do like buying these lots though to search for varieties and have yielded great finds. Better than actually hunting boxes even.

  8. Wow VDB!!! sweet finds man im about to go through some of the same rolls, well same style packaging! wish me luck! also got a couple nickel rolls from the early 60’s 🙂

  9. I have about a dozen 1909 vdv pennies. I recently received a box full of random old coins from my uncle. Since then I’ve been searching & hunting for coins. Thanks for the videos. Awesome channel.

  10. 6:37 The 1937-S was in nice shape, yes, but sometimes a VF/XF will have some original mint luster  The first few coins from a new die are known among Mint employees for their brilliance, sometimes a “proof-like” quality.  No proofs from San Francisco, though — not until 1968.

  11. The oldest I have is a 1911 philadelphia. I got lucky to find a 1920’s, but even luckier to find a 1936 S Lincoln Wheat Cent.

  12. Lucky that you found one! My grandpa gave me my great granddads collection and found an O mint 1854 half dime in very fine condition, along with a bunch of old silver coins. Love your videos man!

  13. How’d you come up with the date ranges on your penny jars? Is there a reason for separating the coins by those specific date ranges? Thanks.

  14. Nice video. Congrats on the 3 1909’s. Just as an FYI the proofs in 1937 were minted at the Philadelphia mint, not San Francisco. Good fun video.

  15. Wow! I’m really excited and happy for you and just a tiny bit jealous. But that’s good, right? It means there’s still hope for the rest of us to come across some of those oldies!

  16. My son and I searched $225 worth of penny bank rolls (from 3 diff banks) and 99% of all wheats were from the 1940’s and 50’s.

  17. I genuinely love your channel! I talk about exactly the same thing on my tiny channel…not so I can be big and famous like you (I work full time!) but just because I love the opening of “vintage” rolls, for decades now. I am in a higher risk health group and have taken the stay at home very seriously to protect myself and others. I simply decided to share and educate people on this perfect stay at home hobby! SO happy to see you doing the same thing, and thank you for these videos!

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