Walking Liberty $1 Silver 1oz .999 Fine Silver – 20oz Roll

The Classic Walking Liberty design has never looked so good. $1 Walking Liberty BU – 1oz Silver Round! Available in rolls of 20oz.


Our Walking Liberty 1oz Medallions are minted on the Columbia 360 ton press, the very machine that was made to mass produce the Walking Liberty and Morgan Dollars. The Columbia Machine Works 360 Ton Press was a San Francisco Mint proofing press. These presses can reliably crank out a whopping 15,000 rounds per hour. Our presses have, of course, been updated with state-of-the-art touch screens, and the latest technologies to meet the latest safety specifications.

To put it simply: our Walking Liberty’s are made on the machines that were made to make Walking Liberty’s. See the difference for yourself. With our price at only $1/oz over spot, it’s never been so easy.

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Walking Liberty $1 Silver 1oz .999 Fine Silver – 20oz Roll