Walking Liberty paraDIMES 1/10thoz .999 Silver – 5oz Roll

The Classic Walking Liberty design has never looked so good! Tenth ounce Walking Liberty paraDIMES – Available in 5oz rolls of 1/10th oz .999 Fine Silver.


For a long time, customers asked for small units of easily-trade-able silver. Hundred ounce bars are great for big-time stacking but bad for barter. One ounce coins are better for barter but cost more, and are usually still too big for small trades. Now, thanks to the amazing technology and automation of the Mulligan Mint, vast quantities of tenth ounce silver, named by us as paraDIMES, are available for prices competitive with one ounce rounds!

paraDIMES: changing the way people think about silver.

Each paper-wrapped roll of Silver paraDIMES contains fifty freshly-minted, uncirculated tenth ounce .999 silver coins, each measuring 20mm in diameter and featuring a “smooth” non-reeded edge.

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Walking Liberty paraDIMES 1/10thoz .999 Silver – 5oz Roll