War Nickel Silver Stacking Guide: 35% Silver WWII Nickels as an Investment – Pros & Cons

A lot of people seem to think about War Nickels as a silver stacking investment method. These 35% silver nickels are abundant and often come at a cheaper price relative to other methods for the amount of silver acquired, but there are some drawbacks, and I want to evaluate those. They may be slightly more recognizable than some other forms of silver, but compared to the available 90% silver, I think it can be challenging and not worth it to go after this material – leave your thoughts in the comment!


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30 Comments on “War Nickel Silver Stacking Guide: 35% Silver WWII Nickels as an Investment – Pros & Cons”

  1. A 40% Kennedy is .1478 silver.
    A 90% quarter is .1808 silver content.
    A War nickel is 35% silver so lower content.

  2. Im young to collect maybe 25sept6 do for kids in future where do you buy em and not be scammed best preferred

    1. @John Schmitt Yeah, but there are some people who melt silver ood coins like not junk silvers, for example morgan dollars, for some of them, there are no price in history only profit

    2. @Koroner That’s a fair point. I’d like to think *most* who do both respect the history and would never melt Morgan’s and what not. In my opinion, those who do are part of the WallStreetSilver group. Which I despise.

  3. I have a few but I dont stack em. Just not worth the hassle unless you’re into trying to get top pop grades on them but stacking them just isn’t worth it to me.


  5. I definitely keep all the War Nickels I come across in change or hunting coin rolls for my coin collection, but definitely don’t count them towards my Silver stack

  6. I have 4 full sets of War Nickels. It’s something that I enjoy to collect. Not for everyone, but for me.

  7. The wartime nickels go great with the V75 quarters. Thank you Christian EIEI OH MY! 👌👍🇺🇸🏴‍☠️

  8. Still occasionally found in circulation, though not often. As of today, the melt value is $1.27, just a bit less than a silver dime.

  9. I’d say it’s cool to passively collect, I keep them when I come across them, but I’m not “stacking” them by any means

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