Warman’s National Park Quarters for Kids, 2010-2021 – ISBN: 1440223726

By Warman’s – Krause Publications – 2011 – Hardback – 3 pages – ISBN 1440223726 Did you know coin collecting is like putting together a puzzle? Or that collecting coins involves lessons in geography, history, spelling, economics, government, and appreciation for art and design? It’s no wonder so many people are collectors, and a wonder so many haven’t yet discovered how exciting a hobby it is – but that’s about to change! Warman’s National Park Quarters for Kids folder, part of the new Warman’s Coin Folders for Kids series, helps you share your love of coin collecting with the next generation in a fun, educational and interactive way that will encourage them to collect for a lifetime. This folder features: Snug-fitting slots for each National Park Quarter with the name of each quarter and the shape of the state its located Colorful map of the United States, a photograph from each National Park and its state flag Intriguing and informative trivia questions about the quarters and parks A lifetime of love for coin collecting starts with National Park Quarters for Kids coin folder

Price: 3.74

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