West Point “W Mint” Quarters – What Are They And Why Are They Popular? With Derrick @OkieCoins

Enjoyed sitting down with Derrick from OkieCoins ( ) for a discussion on everything I might want to know about W mint quarters – or the quarters that were minted at West Point to spur collector interest and get people looking at their change again. What a cool series! Derrick focuses on W mint quarters, and after meeting him at Witter Coin U, knew that I'd want to stay in touch with him. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to ask any questions in the comments!


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24 Comments on “West Point “W Mint” Quarters – What Are They And Why Are They Popular? With Derrick @OkieCoins”

  1. Not a fan of w quarters, looked thru lots of rolls and boxes and only found one and won one, so some states and areas never really got them and tried all kinds of different banks in this Missouri area.

  2. Found a lowell in pretty decent shape in my change from 711 last week. Happened to be 2 days after i bought one on ebay

  3. I love those W quarters! Just found 3 circulated 2020 1 Vermont and 2 Kansas yesterday! I have close to 2500 W’s most are BU!

  4. I have all of them! The only two Loomis didn’t have around here were the A.M.P. and Salt River Bay quarters! The Kansas quarters were the most fun! I had great luck in finding them! One box had had 94 W’s in them! You could also look at a roll and pick the W’s out because you could tell on the reeding W from D were different!

  5. When certain coins become the fade I avoid them like now the W quarter. There so many traditional coins to concentrate on.

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