What happens with your stack when your gone. #stackingsilver #coincollecting

What happens to your coin collection or stack of silver when your gone. Who has to deal with it? Do they now what you have and how to sell it. How do they go about finding out the value and sorting it? All questions you should be asking yourself while you continue to stack.

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24 Comments on “What happens with your stack when your gone. #stackingsilver #coincollecting”

  1. I think it’s a great idea to label your stack, so family members know what’s there, or even create a log so you don’t need to write on capsules

  2. Great video brother! It actually made me really think what I’m going to do with all of my collections. I have tons of videogames, consoles, accessories, my scrap metal stack, coins, you name it… When I kick the bucket, I just know my girlfriend would be overwhelmed and not have any clue of where to begin. She would definitely get ripped off too if she did try to unload it all. Looks like I have my work of cataloging everything cut out for me. Thanks for sharing brother!

    1. It’s a big undertaking for us collectors. Like you I have many other collections of things. My wife understands some things but not enough to get the value of what it’s really worth

  3. I’ve got mine on a spread sheet. All of my silver has the ASW and I can instantly see the spot price of my collection based on the current spot of the day. I also have a column that I periodically update with current ebay sales to create an offset price. It’s very laborious, but if you’re a brand new stacker, I highly recommend doing it as soon you make your first purchase.

    1. Totally Jealous! I wish I was capable of being that organized. Is it a specific program you use?

  4. Impossible to price for someone that is unaware. Best thing is to leave them the LCS you recommend them going to if they want to sell.

  5. I certainly need to inventory what I have, in case something happens to me. My husband and children would have no clue.

  6. I keep a record of were i got it the spot price and what i payed for them. And the total costs of the silver And gold.

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