Why Grade Ancient Coins? Understanding The Ancient Coin Grading Process With Coin Dealer Colby Abele

I had the honor of hosting ancient coin dealer Colby Abele ( ) at Witter Coin U for a discussion on graded ancient coins and the pros and cons of doing so – as well as what role grading plays in his process of being a dealer. I learned a lot, as the ancient coin industry and landscape is really something I am not familiar with. Enjoy the conversation and let me know if you have any feedback!


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10 Comments on “Why Grade Ancient Coins? Understanding The Ancient Coin Grading Process With Coin Dealer Colby Abele”

  1. Hi Christian, interesting , only have a few ancients. But always liked them, might be a good video to do different countries, maybe 12 Caesar’s. ,Ides of March denarius, just a thought. Thanks Bill

  2. Great interview, Christian, thanks for sharing ! I like especially the denarius of the Roman Republic. Not a huge rarity, but in pretty nice shape. Greets from GER, U.

  3. Excellent stuff Christian. I checked some of these ancients on NGC and the info is very limited with no price guide or any info on population. I know these items are limited but I find NGC info on items that have actually larger populations very limited as well. NGC should invest more time and effort on their info for what they charge for annual fees and all the slabs they do !. Now it seems like a 1/2 hearted effort and very little value added especially to ancient coins when it comes to NGC’s thought process. I am not only speaking to you as a loyal follower of TT but as well as a Standards Engineer. NGC needs to up their game !. Your loyal follower Silver Arpad

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