Why I Hate Coin Grading: Why It Is BAD (Spoiler Alert: I Don’t Hate Coin Grading, And It’s Not Bad)

Coin grading companies have done so much for the coin collecting hobby, and I want to contrast the positives (which I explored in a different video) with some of the negatives or problems that have arose (and also potentially debunk some myths). This is not a sponsored video – rather, it's something that I think should help people understand the ramifications of grading. While there are massive benefits that grading companies such as PCGS and NGC have bestowed on the hobby, there are some other effects. Some of them are very obvious, while others are really specific, but I'm excited to research them and talk through them with you, and would encourage you to learn more about the benefits in my video here:


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11 Comments on “Why I Hate Coin Grading: Why It Is BAD (Spoiler Alert: I Don’t Hate Coin Grading, And It’s Not Bad)”

  1. So your bating everyone to watch the video with a header title that is misleading.Your not the only one that does that tactic.

  2. The problem with all grading is that it is, as you mentioned, subjective. Is there really that much difference between MS-63 and MS-64? Coin grading is a lot like wine ratings; one “expert” might rate a wine 95, and another 97. Which one is right? It’s all a matter of opinion.

  3. Yes this title is very captivating however why grading doesn’t work for me. I just went in my LCS and asked how much is it if they graded an ungraded gold coin they responded only $50. The other disadvantages is the federal government is manipulating silver & gold. Finally the premium is so high it is not reflecting the market price of silver and gold.

  4. I know you are friends with Shaun, Blueridge Silverhound who I also follow, I wonder if you saw his recent rant about coin grading companies. I started focusing specifically on huntjng errors & varieties a few years back & been building my inventory & educating myself as much as possible via reference books, uTube videos and joined our local coin club. What has become apparent is that there is a huge amount of fuckery in the grading business with favoritism paid to the big name collectors who use the graders. But if you are an unknown, your coins will not be graded on a level playing field. I’d bet the same error coin submitted by a known collector would come back with a higher grade 100% of the time over and unknown collector. So they can all KMA!

  5. The only one who makes out in getting your coins graded, are the grading companies. Personally I think it’s a waste of money. But that’s my opinion

  6. I do understand the need to set the grade if dollars are all you care about and that’s your main focus. (Heck, the grey sheet actually has prices for dealers to buy and customers to pay at retail, like the used car price guide) I will say it pretty well takes all the skill out of coin collecting and just turns it into a contest of who has the biggest bank account (See: registry sets). If you like collecting plastic slabs and stacking them neatly then bully for you. I see a lot of coins that should never have been graded sealed in slabs, especially moderns. Who grades last year’s BU business strike quarters? But look on eBay; you’ll see them there, and sometimes in not so great grades. Or Proof Silver Eagles! They’re proof, non-circulating bullion! What *possible* advantage is there to sealing it in a plastic capsule? But people pay extra for it! Madness!

  7. I don’t use PCGS personally specifically because they’re very harsh and tough when grading coins. I’ve had coins come back as cleaned or up to three points lower in grade. Then when I got second, third, and fourth opinions on them i sent these coins to NGC and got them back with no issues and graded more appropriately.

  8. Good Afternoon TT!!🥤 I once asked a model railroader friend of mine who was in a local rock garage band if they could work up some Pink Floyd! He said, ” No, they are too commercial!” As a coin collector for over 30 years, I am beginning to think the same way about numismatics! After all, you just about worked yourself out of breath just talking about grading!!🤣🤣🤣

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