Why I STOPPED Stacking Silver – The Important Weakness To Understand When Buying Precious Metals

I recently stopped stacking silver, and instead have been paring back my stack. Let's discuss why I have chosen to make that decision, and how I am revising my thinking around precious metals in the near term. It's important for me to have more cash available on hand as I develop my coin business – it is quite capital intensive – but that doesn't mean it's not a good option for people who can use it in the right context.

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42 Comments on “Why I STOPPED Stacking Silver – The Important Weakness To Understand When Buying Precious Metals”

  1. The problem is what many don’t see. Silver is everywhere. Go to any coin store, coin show or pawn store you will see no shortage of silver. But on the opposite end, dealer will always push the whole you should have silver on hand because of ____ . Times are tough now and you can’t pay your electric and water bill with bars of silver. There will be a glut of silver and dealers like you would buy cheap to resell fast for a quick profit. Excess inventory is bad. FYI nice silver pile but I would basically call them all cull and if I would buy them I would only pay above melt. They are are all ugly and as a coin collector quality is better than quantity.

  2. My neighbor lost 200k in the market from his 401k. My brother-in-law lost 100k. I’ve seen people in crypto lose everything. Me, I haven’t gained a whole lot but I didn’t lose anything either

    1. @Kane6676  “It’s going to come back” How many times have I heard that about companies that never did?

    2. you only lose in the 401k if you take it out. I’ve been dumping into my 401k since the 90s. Been through a bunch of “crashes” it has always come back… always… remember the big deal about DOW 10,000? haha I have PM too but that is not a 401k. Folks that only do PM are way worse off than 401k people.

    3. I hear it’s going to come back alot these days. Tell that to the people who bought SVB. Sure markets come back but how much time do you have? Just remeber if you can’t hold it you don’t own it

  3. I think I’m going with what Tom Thornton said last year on Wealthion. “Allocation is everything.” Thornton was probally the most successful wealth manager of 22. And 22 was a horriable year for the market. Silver and gold are only 2% of my net worth and I divide that between bullion and numismatic. I don’t think silver investors should be looking for the moonshot but it’s nice to be prepared if they arrive. Even though my allocation is low it is perhaps the asset class I enjoy the most. Sourcing coins that are hundreds of years old provides collectors with a wealth of history and knowledge about other cultures. Now if silver hits 30 an once, I’ll also enjoy selling it.

    1. That’s true, but it’s also a very low bar to clear.

      I have about five gallons worth of old pennies, but only because it’s too damn heavy for me to want to deal with!

  4. I completely agree that silver is long term investment and is not something that you will get a quick roi on. But it is a good hedge against inflation. Also, in the invite that dollar was too collapse not saying that it will but if it does you will want something that you can use as currency like silver. Is it a guarantee,no. The only guarantee in life is death and taxes.

    1. Good hedge against inflation? 2022 is peak 40 year inflation and silver dropped 10 dollars an ounce. That’s a cute saying they bullion dealers gave you but it’s meaningless

  5. I didn’t get into silver stacking until around 2014 and bought a lot for a few years. I did sell some when it hit 28+ ( my initial investment) and sold for 50-70% higher than what I bought it for. Then I used it to put down a down payment on some property. Silver was good to me. I’m am buying again and will do so until July before it rises again.

  6. I started stacking 5 and 10 oz bars and for me It’s the best savings account I have ever had. I look forward to buying every paycheck, It’s takes care of the urge to make an online purchace. I got in about a 15 months ago and got excited when it aproached 27.00. I will probably continue to buy for the next 10 years. It’s a great hobby!!

    1. I’ve never had a savings account where I was down 5-10% right off the bat. This is insurance, not an investment.

    2. @myantispambox I mean with the premiums and tax figure 26.00 is when you break even and the more you buy the more you make. at 100 oz you make 100.00 for every dollar it gains. Look at it like that and buy as much as you can while it is low.

    3. @myantispambox 10%? People are paying 50 and 60% over spot. They’re burning their money to save it from inflation!

    4. @Kane6676 Exactly. It’s not that silver can’t be a decent way to preserve against inflation loss, but not in the buy-at-any-cost crazy environment of a lot of stackers lately.

  7. Silver has always almost felt like a lottery ticket which you can get a refund for in that the up and downswings normally aren’t enough to cash in on, instead, you’re just waiting for that repeat of it suddenly shooting up to $50/ounce or something rediculous so that you can then cash out and do something with your money.
    That’s why I’m looking more and more towards Morgans since they at least have value as a coin on top of their silver content and can thus increase in value on two levels, plus, if you aren’t in a hurry then you can usually get some good money for them online.

  8. Careful with your SD box. They are not safe. Working in a bank for many years, we heard all sorts of horror stories. Not waterproof, key control, etc. They don’t need to drill a box if you lost your key too, the company that manages their safes has a master key. Some keys may open more than one box.

    1. @STP YOu have bad insurance. My company covers my stuff regardless of location. Of course for certain things you need a rider, but you have bad insurance if they’ll never cover your stuff.

    2. @flybone100 The box contents are not covered by FDIC insurance the way monetary deposits are, but that doesn’t mean they have no insurance, or that it cannot be obtained.

      There are 2.5 million home burglaries in the U.S. every year. The number of times someone has succesfully breached a bank vault in modern history can be counted on two hands.

    3. @kenofken Of course, that’s why I wrote, “MY INSURANCE”. Note, I am not the FDIC. Also note, I worked at several banks and could have absconded with many items easily. So as always Your Mileage May Vary. Knowledge is power. I wonder how many homes there are, and thus what % of home are burgled. Compared to how many times tellers et al, vastly underpaid, are stealing from the bank and it’s customers.

      Bottom line, IMHO, if you have something valuable, there is no fool proof way to secure it. You risk collusion at the bank, or being burgled.

  9. I’m surrounded by great LCS’s. So it’s incredibly liquid. The places I go even buy scrap. I do the physical version of investing; when I need more money, I get an extra job. My monthly metals expense and income have doubled since I started stacking. It is a store of value. When I really get ready to make even more money, I’ll keep the same work ethic, and find higher paying jobs/business ventures. My stack will grow exponentially because my income will grow exponentially. It’s correct that it’s not an investment, but it’s very practical depending upon your approach.

    1. Well said. That’s the issue most people look at gold and silver as an investment it’s not. It’s just a way to convert fiat into something that’s frozen in time as far as inflation. It’s a spending habit solution, and a fun way to save money.

  10. What I find discouraging is that content creators, especially in the numismatic, coin collectors, precious metals, and stacking arenas, have great difficulty getting to the point. All beg the audience to ‘smash that like button and subscribe’ while they fondle coins and bullion and ramble on and on and on and waste a great deal of the viewers time. Now, some, I hope, will actually understand and correct themselves but I have little confidence that they will respond or change.

  11. It’s one piece of a diversified portfolio. You should have metals as a part of it. It’s for long term gain and I mean long term. And it is always valuable no matter what is going on including a shtf situation. It is a must. It’s value is global.
    So it really has no comparison. Put it under piece of mind….

  12. I think you are right about the way to go about silver vs buisnessinvestment. You always need to have free capital for investments that can turn into more money. I would love to buy all the silver and coins I could but instead I buy into coincollections and other stuff to sell so I can get more money to my stack and coin collection, and this is as a private person and not a buisness. Same thinking but you depened more on your buisness, I have another job.

  13. That silver/gold that you hold in your hand will be worth a lot more versus cash in the bank/diamonds in bank’s safety deposit box especially when you’ll go to the bank and see “Closed until further notice” sign on the door and “Out of service” message on the bank’s website.

  14. It was refreshing to hear your views on Silver Coins. Glad that you are able to sell some of your collection (inventory) on WhatNot. We all need to make appropriate investments that reflect the “chapter of life” that we are currently in and those chapters yet to be written.

    At the age of almost 62 stocks and bonds have taken a big hit recently and I can’t afford to loose “value” in what assets I own. I hope to transition most of my silver coins and rounds into other physical assets like land that has good soil for growing food or trees that I can use for firewood.

    Looking to “Barter” with others with some of my silver. 1 Morgan Dollar may be able to buy you a nice dinner or even a 20 pound bag of potatoes.

    Thanks for all your hard work… George

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