Why I’m Selling My Coin Collection (& Giving Away $1,000 In Silver)

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Make sure to sign up for WhatNot through the above link if you would like to get a free $10 credit (that also gives me a credit) on your first purchase – and I'll have items that are in the $5-$15 range, so it'll likely mean you can get some very subsidized material across the categories of U.S. coins, silver coins, world coins, world coin grab bags, ancient coins, Islamic and medieval coins, Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, errors, varieties, and other really interesting stuff! There will be mystery bags as well that should highlight and provide opportunities for neat packages. Super excited, and be sure to comment below any questions you have for the sale!

In terms of the giveaways of the American Silver Eagles, Peace Dollars, and Morgan Dollars, I will be giving them away during the two livestreams, which are taking place at 8 PM ET on Wednesday, May 25th, and Wednesday, April 1st.

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37 Comments on “Why I’m Selling My Coin Collection (& Giving Away $1,000 In Silver)”

  1. Good luck Christian I know you’ll do good! If I have time ill try and pop in and see if I can’t find something I need or just like. I know that’s gonna be fun working/learning with Heritage! Good luck again bud…

    1. Thanks JR! Great to hear from you as always – would be fun to see you there, but more importantly always enjoy your supportive comments. And I’m excited about the internship in Texas.

    2. @Treasure Town I bet so. Working with Heritage would be a dream come true! I know you’ll get a lot from it!

  2. When you said you were selling off much of the collection I thought your reason was going to be different. I figured you were going to be aiming to cash in on the big upswing in the market. That’s what I did a few months ago and I’m still selling them now. Also I’m working on downsizing the volume and picking up much higher end coins

    1. Part of it is that big upswing – but I still like to hold quality and narrow down my focus.

  3. I have an 1895 no mint Morgan Proof that I have to send to the mint. It’s one of only 400 minted. (If you’re into Morgan’s to save folks on research) It’s a beautiful coin, hopeing to get the first 70 grade, fingers crossed, can only try right?
    I wish I could have already auction it off, then I could really jump into your wonderful auction. I love the world coin bags cause one then have the fun of doing all the resarch and you learn so much. So I might pop on for them if possible.
    Thank you for shareing your knowledge of coins with us !!!!
    I’ve got a box of proof Morgans that need to get checked out at the mint that I found in a jewelry box while metal detecting. When you’re on a fixed income you have to start slowly but it can be done.😊 🤘👻💖

    1. Whoa – that is incredible. Would be very fun to see you there. Send me a photo at treasuretownyt@gmail.com of the proof Morgans… if you have a box of them, I’ll fly out and help you broker the sale (and possibly you can retire afterwards).

    1. Thanks Linda! Hoping to do so!! I think the $10 credit will help people as well. Excited to see what happens.

  4. You’ve got a nice looking collection there, Christian. I hope that you do well with selling your coins. Congratulations on your Internship in Texas this summer. Will you be going by Horse, or car?… and don’t forget to pack your Holster. 🙂 I do wish you the best of luck, Christian.. you seem to be a down to earth dude. Have a good one.

    1. Thanks Steve! I am headed down by plane haha 🙂 I’ll have to pick up some cowboy boots and a nice cowboy hat. Will still be in New Jersey next year for school so the holster may not get purchased – LOL – but thanks as always for the kind comments.

  5. I’ve learned alot from ur post in world coins I have over 300 world coins so far

  6. I remember on the world coin search a few weeks ago you got an UNC 1918 Penny, I particularly enjoy collecting George V, so if that particular one is up for sale I am very interested

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