Why I’m Stacking Silver Over Gold In 2023 – Why Silver Is A Better Option

Here are the reasons that silver might be a better precious metal to stack than gold – I'm curious to hear your thoughts. There are many advantages to using silver instead of gold as a vehicle to stack, include its ability to be fractional, propensity for wilder price swings, accessibility, verifiability, and lower risk – but that's not the only thing we'll be covering. Stick around to hear all of the reasons to go for silver instead of gold!

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31 Comments on “Why I’m Stacking Silver Over Gold In 2023 – Why Silver Is A Better Option”

    1. 1981 and before, the pennies were all copper, 1983 until now, the pennies are copper plated zinc. In 1982 only, half of the year was copper, and the other half was zinc, so you need to weigh them to figure out which is which, although you get pretty good at recognizing copper coins just by the look and feel after a while.

  1. That 2 Escudo gold coin! Hell yeah!

    My opinion… Silver has a better chance of increasing in a major way but damn you have to stack a lot of it in order for it to amount to anything significant.

    I like gold because I just feel like it’s always had a very smooth upward trend/trajectory over the last century.

    Both metals are really good.. and I would always say diversify and get both if not all three with that being Platinum, Silver and Gold.

  2. Besides self-education, stackcollecting is my new(1 year+) singular hobby. At this time weight is not my motivation, as I think my ‘base stack’ is pretty healthy. I’m not buying any more gold, for now, but I am targeting high-premium/low-mintage/slabbed/raw silver coins/rounds; especially with some 30-40% off sales on some desirable coins/rounds on my radar.
    Otherwise, I think you covered the case for silver weight pretty well. Thanks, Christian.

    1. Same for me I have only started to stack silver in the past few months and i love it as my new hobby.

    2. @Clint Gardner
      Welcome to the community, Clint.
      Fortunately, I had a small lump-sum to start with, so I first established my ‘base stack’ of 350 : 5 : 2, and then began the numismatic/collector route. Looking back, I think I did it right for my legacy stackcollection, with only a couple of silly mistakes. Still, I’m 70, own my home and 2020 Audi, and owe only monthly/annual bills.

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  4. I like silver – but if you accumulate a lot it can be bulky and heavy. In addition, you currently have a fairly high premiums on most silver – especially smaller pieces – compared to gold.

  5. Stop using the word spend when getting gold or silver,your exchanging bad money for good money. I get silver to save my money,not watch it devalue with inflation. 😮

  6. So true, silver is cheaper and affordable. People just can’t get gold these days far as the price of gold.

  7. I started buying gold/silver about 6 months back because of everything going on. I’ve also bought some goldbacks. I’m a single dad with a kid and two dogs to take care of so I can’t put any faith into the dollar. Fiat is a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions. Gold & silver should be 10x what they are, but they had to keep the price down over the years in order to keep the illusion that fiat backed by promises was better than gold.

  8. For the average stacker, gold can mean certain issues become applicable: like, dollar cost averaging, or buying the dips is more difficult. Whilst saving, for your next 1oz, you could potentially miss the best, deepest dips. Same with DCA. Plus, I do see the present, high gold/silver ratio as an advantage. It may turn out that the historical ratio measure no longer applies. But, how often DOES history repeat. Pretty regular, if you ask me. Just look at the economy charts. It’s why technical analysis exists.
    So, as someone who does not have a lot, of discretional currency, to devote to metals, I’ll take my chance, with Ag. IMHO, I am better off, in the long run, than not purchasing. I think many would agree.
    I do buy Au, but at low, fractional weights. Where I live (New Zealand), I have found that 5 grams is the best value; premium-wise, that I can readily afford.

    The premium, on an ABC (Australian) 5g bar today is ~17%. As opposed to 1oz local gold bar = ~3.75%. But, the cost, over spot, on the cheapest coin (Maple) is ~7.5%. And, if comparing to other fractional: 1/2oz coin is ~8.6%. Sure, nearly double, but I can buy nearly 3x 5g Au bars, for the price of 1x 1/2 oz Au coin. And, if buying in good dips, that wipes out a good %, of the excess premium cost.

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