World Silver Stacking 101: Pros & Cons Of Foreign Coins As A Silver Investment Beginner’s Guide

Let's think about the pros, cons, and considerations that you want to cover when stacking via world or foreign coins. They are certainly not the basic recommendation that most people give or flock to in terms of buying, but the world has produced a massive amount of silver coins over the years and many are out there, often relatively cheap, to be acquired and collected and stacked with. However, there is a lot less know-how and expertise around the sector, as well as far less liquidity, so it pays to be careful with how you approach it – listen to the video for the full picture.


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8 Comments on “World Silver Stacking 101: Pros & Cons Of Foreign Coins As A Silver Investment Beginner’s Guide”

  1. I like foreign silver, but stick to better known countries, canada, England, france, Australia, etc….
    Look for .800 or better on purity.

  2. I really like the foreign silver, I try to get some from every country I visit as a souvenir, it has its intrinsic silver value as well as a cool memento piece to reflect upon. I’m looking for the best way to keep and display my collection; I feel like a binder is probably the easiest, but eventually I’d like something more unique

  3. Other than U.S. 90% percent junk silver, I really like Canadian 80% percent junk silver and some of the old Canadian 92.5% percent silver. I think junk silver will eventually have much larger premiums because they do not make it anymore and it has lots of history!

  4. I am more of a collector than a stacker so I have a decent sized collection of foreign junk silver. Not expecting to get my money back but am enjoying the journey. You can find a rough value on Numista.

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